The world is changing faster than ever, making the art of looking ahead essential for leaders.

Come Shape the Future

CCA’s two-year MBA in Strategic Foresight program challenges assumptions about alternative futures and enables students to adapt in practical, yet idealistic ways.

You will learn to view uncertainty through multiple lenses and develop effective strategic techniques applicable to companies, governments, and NGOs.

Through real-world challenges you will design your way into the unknown. You will also deploy experiences across a range of established foresight tools to help organizations explore, define, strategize, and prepare for a myriad of responsible and exciting possible futures.

Earn a Business Degree that Opens Doors

As a business degree, graduates not only understand the tools of futurism but also the fundamentals of business and organizational culture.

Our faculty prepares you to step into a position at a variety of institutions where you will see more clearly, innovate more effectively, and strategize for multiple futures more easily.

Engage in the Bay Area -- Where the Future Is Built

No where else is as focused on building new futures as the San Francisco Bay Area with its concentration of companies, organizations, and government agencies dedicated to innovation.

More than just a center of funding and expertise, the Bay Area offers a unique culture for optimistic initiative, smart experimentation, learning from challenges, and unparalleled rewards for success.

CCA's community is at the heart of these values and these institutions. We are leading a vision of the future as humanistic, exciting, responsible, sustainable, and meaningful.

Start your future at CCA.

Watch an MBA in Design Strategy Video

The Design MBA programs at CCA are based on the success of our MBA in Design Strategy program.