MBA in Strategic Foresight

This two-year curriculum, based on our successful MBA in Design Strategy program, also stresses team-based solutions that integrate across issues of business fundamentals, sustainability and systems thinking, and design-thinking techniques.

The courses of the first two semesters are similar to the MBA in Design Strategy, as these foundations are critical to all organizational leadership.

(Select the diagram above. The more red the course title, the more this program's curriculum diverges from the Design MBA curriculum.)

New Courses

Some courses, such as Strategic Foresight Studios are wholly new and unique to this degree.

New Focuses

For other courses such as the Innovation Studio and Strategic Management, these courses are based on our successful curriculum, but readings, guest lecturers, and projects in these courses are instead focused on the opportunities and realities of pragmatic futurism and foresight engagements for government agencies and corporations.

In addition, students can choose graduatewide electives from all academic programs at the college.

Note: Second-year course descriptions are forthcoming.