Kristian Simsarian

As chair of the Interaction Design programs at California College of the Arts, I’m pleased to be among the first to thank you for your interest in joining our community. I know pursuing a master’s degree is a major decision, and that researching schools can be an involved process. That’s why I’d like to offer you a personal perspective on what makes our program so distinctive.

Bay Area Location -- It Matters

I love being in the San Francisco Bay Area, because it’s the creative capital of Silicon Valley, with a fast-paced innovation economy. It’s recently been cited as the best place to launch your career. Our expert faculty includes renowned leaders, patent holders, and award winners. They bring the latest best practices from the professional world, which you can harness for your future ventures.

Recognize Today's Challenges

Our program combines powerful concepts such as human and machine behavior and working systemically; craft skills (involving type, image, time, narrative, tools, and code); and methods -- including user research, deep collaboration, design thinking, and agile processes -- that equip designers to address the challenges of this century. Demand for such skills and passion for the field has helped the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) grow from five founding members in 2003 to over 60,000 today, making interaction design the fastest-growing design discipline. 

Create Solutions

I see technology increasingly shaping our world, yet there's room to improve. We want a sustainable world in which technology serves progress in society, environment, and culture. Interaction designers are shaping that technology and making it more meaningful and delightful. They’re leading businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations . . . What would you like to lead?

Join us, and help shape the solution.

Kristian Simsarian, Chair