Urbanism, Landscape & Ecology

CCA's Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD) postprofessional degree offers a concentration in Urbanism, Landscape, and Ecology that focuses on the current state of our cities and investigates the design challenges and potentials of the urban environment in the 21st century.

Architecture, urbanism, and landscape are three of the most potent disciplines available to us to remake our cities as dynamic, meaningful, and sustainable cultural artifacts.

This advanced post-professional program for students with backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning is supported by an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates organizational, systemic, and morphological investigations in architecture and urbanism with urban geography and landscape design.

Current & Future Focuses

Students engage the realities and transformative potential of the post-industrial city and explore new experimental territories focused on future urban ecologies and their architectural and infrastructural systems. Students are involved in multiscaled projects that operate at the local, neighborhood, metropolitan or regional scales, or both.

International & Local Emphases

Global-scaled research on international cities and their environs is supported by an expanded field of travel programs and studios focused on contemporary issues facing world cities.

The metropolitan culture of the San Francisco Bay Area informs the educational experience and provides students with a polycentric urban laboratory to creatively investigate the intersection of architecture, landscape, urbanism, and ecology.