At CCA we value making and prototyping. This is why we have set up state-of-the-art fabrication spaces for our students to use including a suite of fully equipped shops for various scales of fabrication and multiple computer labs for digital production. 

All CCA students have access to the following facilities after required training sessions (offered at the beginning of the term).

Computer Labs

Four high-end computer labs, outfitted with the latest hardware and software, are available to all CCA students and faculty.

These labs are dedicated for graphic-intensive work, and have between 18-24 workstations, scanners, media-card readers, and black-and-white and color laser printers.

Digital Craft Labs

The Digital Craft Lab supports students within the Architecture Division in advanced research into digital craft using tools such as the Kuka Agilus KR6 R900 robot and the design and construction of custom 3D printers for large scale additive construction.

Students in advanced studios and electives related to digital craft use the Lab as their central meeting, work, and presentation space.

The robot is currently being used in several courses exploring light painting in long exposure film, 3D clay extruding, generative painting and drawing using custom devices, and hot-wire foam cutting for concrete formwork. 

Digital Print Labs

Located on the second floor of the main building of the San Francisco campus, the Digital Color Center (DCC) is a full-service output bureau.

The DCC offers high-quality, affordable fine art printing as well as acting as the central location for printing assistance on the San Francisco campus.

Hybrid Lab

CCA's newest in innovative efforts is a state-of-the art, cross-disciplinary Hybrid Lab. The Hybrid Lab is a shared interdisciplinary space for making with technology that is built around the principles of being open, fast, and inspiring.

 Enabling the hacker mentality, this is a place where sparks become concepts and concepts become prototypes as quickly as possible.

Media Center

The CCA Media Center offers audiovisual instructional support to the college and also provides students with audiovisual equipment for use on their projects.

Laptops, dongles, projectors, and other media equipment can be reserved for use as needed.

Rapid Prototyping Studio

The Rapid Prototyping Studio, a growing facility that is quite popular among student and faculty from all disciplines, includes machinery to allow for 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, and Flat Cutting.

San Francisco Shops

CCA’s San Francisco Studios are a collection of shared resources that support the work of all students and faculty. Among the facilities:

The Alternative Materials Studio on the San Francisco campus is attached to the studio manager’s office and offers space for class meetings, individual consultations, project assembly, and various fabrication techniques such as sheet forming, machining, pattern making, and mechanical fastening.

Furniture Studios
The Furniture Studio is a traditional woodworking studio used primarily by students in the Furniture Program, working exclusively with hardwood, kiln-dried lumber, or plywood.

Collectively, the Machine Room and the Bench Room comprise the Furniture Studio, which houses a wide array of traditional hand tools as well as stationary shaping equipment.

Model Making Studio
The Model Making Studio contains many essential pieces of equipment for student use, including saws, sanders, and vacuum-forming machines. A tool chest of commonly used hand tools is available for in-shop use.

A large, centrally located work table outfitted with two vises and a curtained-off sanding area with two downdraft tables and two air cleaners are also available.

Plaster Room
The Plaster Room is a clean space for water-based processes like clay-modeling, mold-making, and cement work. The room contains a sink and counter space for plaster, cement, and water-clay work as well as a tool chest that features specialized, sculptural model-making tools that can be checked out.

Spraying Booth
The Spray Booth is an enclosed, well-ventilated 7 x 14 ft. space used for painting and finishing artwork, models, and furniture.  Because this room is used for all work that produces vapors (i.e., spray paint, resins, Bondo, etc.), students have access to shared respirators.

Students also have access to a flammable storage cabinet for storing material.

Welding Studio
Designed for artists and designers who wish to integrate metal into their work, the Welding Studio is a compact, outdoor facility that is both refined and versatile.

Students learn basic metal fabrication skills including welding, frame layout, tap and die threading, torch cutting, and hot bending.

New Materials Resource Center

The New Materials Resource Center offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of samples and is the only library of its kind housed at an art school.

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