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Architecture Division at CCA | Presented by Dean of Architecture Jonathan Massey

DCL: Digital Craft Lab @ CCA

Digital Craft Lab

Coordinated by Jason K. Johnson + Andrew Kudless

The MAAD Digital Craft Lab explores the reciprocity and synergy between bits and atoms, the digital and the physical, digital code and material logic. Digital Craft thrives at the intersection of creative and technical domains whose boundaries are elastic, continuously evolving and highly experimental.

  • What are the implications for architecture, the city and beyond?
  • What are the spatial, material, and organizational possibilities?
  • How can digital craft be leveraged to create objects, spaces, and places of profound cultural meaning and usefulness?
  • What happens when the architect is also a fabricator or an engineer, a media artist, a technologist, a software developer, or a hacker?

The lab brings together designers, academics, and practitioners who want to engage, question, and expand disciplinary boundaries.

The UrbanWorks Agency

Urban Works Agency

Coordinated by Neeraj Bhatia + Christopher Roach

This expanded field at the nexus of urbanism, landscape, geography, and architecture is the territory of the Urban Works Agency.

The Agency is both organization and action, and this is the intellectual terrain set forth to explore research and design projects with local and global partners.



Coordinated by Sandra Vivanco + Peter Anderson


As a newly emerging identity in the Bay Area, the BuildLAB seeks out projects that not only embody the principles of design/build, but also serve to strengthen communities through a strong focus on social equity and engagement.

Who We Are

The BuildLAB consists of several dedicated professionals within the design/build industry in the Bay Area who feel strongly about bringing San Francisco to its full potential through the creation of more beautiful and vibrant spaces and communities.

Experimental Histories

The CCA Experimental History Project is an interdisciplinary platform for exhibitions, research, and events exploring experimental practices of architectural and urban history. Launched by CCA professors David Gissen and Irene Cheng, the Experimental History Project is an initiative of CCA’s MAAD HTX (History, Theory, Experiments) degree program. Recent events have explored experimental methods for digitally scanning historical artifacts and spaces, augmented reality and other digital applications for practicing architectural history, and historical reconstructions of the immaterial aspects of architectural heritage—including sound and smell. 


General Inquiries:

Leah Kandel
Program Manager
Master of Architecture
Master of Advanced Architectural Design

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Graduate Architecture Programs
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Architecture Staff
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