Caleb Zigas, Executive Director, La Cocina

Caleb Zigas, Executive Director

La Cocina

“They were spectacular. Working with the CCA MBA in Design Strategy Program was a revelation for La Cocina.

We are often paired with student groups  . . . but CCA’s students made a particular impression in their vision, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and impact.

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In a very short time, the students proved effective at understanding our business model, communicating effectively and efficiently and going deep into the project on their own time.

They provided resources and results that went above and beyond our project expectations, and their impact continues to be present in the everyday work that we do.

Not only will we consider the recommendations of the students but we will also implement several of them, saving us time and otherwise unnecessary waste.

I would be thrilled to work with students of this caliber any day.”

Three women in a cotton field

Marcia Gibbs, Director

Sustainable Cotton Project

“I was impressed with the work product from the team of DMBA students. They were dedicated and put in a lot of effort to make their document useful and workable for our organization.

The students were well prepared when they met with me to discuss the important issues and they came up with creative and insightful suggestions.

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It was clear they had done their homework. I made copies of the final operations plan report and distributed it to my board at our recent meeting.

All of the board members were impressed with the quality and depth of knowledge shown by the student team.”