Tasks should be completed by the dates indicated below, though programs can vary.

For all documents, see Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program; responsible parties are listed below in bold.

October 1 / March 1

Assistant/associate directors provide relevant faculty with information about the teaching assistantship program and canvass them to determine their willingness to mentor a TA.

November 1 / April 1

Assistant/associate directors provide graduate program managers a list of all undergraduate classes eligible for TAs.

November 1 / April 1

Program managers notify graduate students that applications are now being accepted and that the relevant documents are available at Graduate Teaching Assistantship Program (application, TA guidelines, evaluation criteria, etc.).

November 15 / April 15

Graduate students submit applications to program managers on or before this date.

December 1 / August 15

Graduate program chairs are ultimately responsible for TA awards and placements; this is generally done in close collaboration with the program managers who are responsible for coordinating and implementing the program.

The Process

Graduate chairs award teaching assistantships.

Program managers notify applicants and faculty mentors of decisions (copying chair). Notifications to appointed TAs and their faculty mentors should either include guidelines, overview material, and evaluation criteria, or provide the appropriate link to those materials.

Program managers initiate hiring paperwork (due to Human Resources by first day of the semester).

(Note: Any TA placements into courses other than those on the approved list of courses should be cleared with the assistant/associate directors before notifying faculty/TA of placement.)

December 1 / April 15

Program managers supply evaluation materials/link to faculty and TAs.

December 15 / May 15

Program managers collect evaluation materials from faculty (of TA) and TAs (of faculty). (Program managers supply a copy of the latter to assistant/associate directors.)