Meet Aimee Phan

I look back at my years of graduate school in writing with both fondness and longing. I cherish the enduring friendships and connections I made with my teachers and peers, and the writing I accomplished. It was where I took myself seriously as a reader and writer for the first time, and where the inspiration and majority of my first book was written.

But I also wish I could have attended more readings, taken more classes, and of course, written more words. I hadn't realized that those two years could be so inspiring and formative, and I wished I could have taken away more.

Your time in a graduate writing program is a huge investment of your time and resources. Our faculty recognize this and encourage our students to take full advantage of the many reading and writing opportunities we offer.

As working writers, we understand the commitment and resources that are needed for a sustainable writing life. With an acclaimed faculty, an immersive curriculum, an inspiring art school environment, and a thriving literary community, our program supports and nurtures the creative potential in our students to prepare them for a long life of writing.

About CCA's MFA Program in Writing

Here at CCA our writers benefit from the Bay Area’s dynamic and varied literary cultures, just as they benefit from studying writing at an institution where many modes of artistic expression converge and flourish.

Throughout the year, we offer workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction as well as a range of literature courses, craft seminars, practicum courses, and innovative interdisciplinary and multigenre courses.

We are very proud to maintain a distinguished and diverse roster of talented faculty that include bestselling authors, award winners, and Fulbright fellows of every genre.

Program Highlights

  • The Friday Seminar (aka Writers Series) reading series provides intimate readings each week, featuring prominent authors, editors, agents, and other tastemakers in the literary community
  • Mentored Study: one-on-one study with a faculty writer each semester
  • Merit and diversity scholarships, college scholarships, teaching assistantships
  • An extraordinarily accomplished, dedicated, and diverse faculty
  • Opportunities to work on Eleven Eleven, our nationally recognized literary journal
  • Internship opportunities with a variety of writing organizations, including McSweeney’s, City Lights, 826 Valencia, The Rumpus, and Small Press Traffic
  • A dedicated Writers’ Studio that contains a walled garden complete with pagoda, bridge, and picnic area. The open, light-filled gallery hosts our readings and receptions, while also offering students work space in the computer lounge and study area

On Interdisciplinarity

In addition, graduate writing candidates can take art, media, design, visual criticism, and architecture seminars and studios, and we welcome student work that combines or crosses genres or art practices.

We hope you will join us in our inspiring, thriving literary community.