Adv Studio: Publication

The Advanced Design Studios support the complex and unique role of today's Graphic Designer. These studio options aim to provide a deeper exploration and a choice of learning within a specific professional arena. Courses are proposed by faculty and cover 2D, 3D and 4D categories. Studio options may vary from semester to semester.

Past, Present, and Future Print publications have been a cornerstone of graphic design practice since its infancy. Thanks to the rise of digital media, the iPad and mobile devices, publication design is in the midst of an exciting evolution. This course will focus on both the larger conceptual possibilities this expanding medium offers, and then developing the specific skills needed to realize these expansive ideas. Students will work on their own and collaboratively, in a variety of media and methods, ultimately leading to the creation of an original publication. Students will also utilize history, analysis, and the wisdom culled from special guests and field trips to further this learning.