Internship: Graphic Design

The purpose of the Undergraduate Graphic Design Internship is to ensure that students acquire an understanding of how the profession of graphic design is practiced under the mentorship of an experienced designer in a studio environment. In the course of their internship, students are exposed to the daily processes involved in running a design studio: research and idea generation; preparation of presentations; attending client meetings; vendor selection and coordination; and production of final deliverables (print, motion and/or web-based design).

The purpose of CCA's Graphic Design Internship Program is to provide third level or higher students with a "real world" experience in a work environment. While the role of a typical intern is humble in nature, each student will be exposed to the daily processes involved in running a design firm, i.e. project management, client relations, research, collaboration with photographers, illustrators and writers, design presentations, production of both print and web based graphics, and vendor selection and coordination, to mention just a few. The program maintains a list of approved sites that is periodically evaluated and updated. Students must log a minimum of 225 hours at the site and should be paid at least $10 per hour. At the end of the semester each employer reviews their student's performance by filling out a questionnaire. There will be two lectures/meetings during the semester with the Graphic Design Faculty Supervisor which will provide students with a forum to have their questions answered and share insights about their respective experiences.