Internship: Sputnik

The purpose of the Undergraduate Graphic Design Internship is to ensure that students acquire an understanding of how the profession of graphic design is practiced under the mentorship of an experienced designer in a studio environment. In the course of their internship, students are exposed to the daily processes involved in running a design studio: research and idea generation; preparation of presentations; attending client meetings; vendor selection and coordination; and production of final deliverables (print, motion and/or web-based design).

Each semester, a small group of upper division students (chosen for their display of design prowess in previous classes) function as "Sputnik," CCA's in-house design team. The students create work for real clients within and/or affiliated with the school. Under instructor supervision, they assume all project responsibilities from the design, to networking with clients, to making print specifications and going to press checks. The goal of the class is to expose the student to the inner workings of graphic design beyond just the design process itself. Credits may be counted as internship.