Adv Des Studio: Interactive

The Advanced Design Studios support the complex and unique role of today's Graphic Designer. These studio options aim to provide a deeper exploration and a choice of learning within a specific professional arena. Courses are proposed by faculty and cover 2D, 3D and 4D categories. Studio options may vary from semester to semester.

Design for the Web is much more than an exercise in arranging static elements on a page. Website visitors expect a rich experience - one that invites participation and rewards interaction. We will explore how to achieve this through an advanced exploration of web design and development using Adobe Flash. Building on skills learned in Tools 2: Web, students will design and build Flash web applications that are fluid and respond to visitor interaction. Students will learn how to manipulate color, form, typography and data over time through the use of Flash's programming language, ActionScript. The course will culminate in the production and launch of a graphic design portfolio website for each student