Adv Des Studio: Exhibition

The Advanced Design Studios support the complex and unique role of today's Graphic Designer. These studio options aim to provide a deeper exploration and a choice of learning within a specific professional arena. Courses are proposed by faculty and cover 2D, 3D and 4D categories. Studio options may vary from semester to semester.

This Course will focus on introducing the activity of exhibition making to graphic designers. The course will offer both practical and conceptual approaches for creating exhibitions, an increasing aspect of the work and practice of graphic designers. The course will include: curating and organizing an ongoing exhibition, strategies of display, installation, graphic identity for exhibitions, and documentation. As a class we will create a working gallery space in the Graphic Design Studio (room 141). Participants will collaborate in small groups on creating a series of exhibitions about a graphic designer or design studio. The assignment will explore the dual idea of creating a narrative for a particular designer/studio and consider how to visually present it within an exhibition context. We will kick off the exhibition series over the course of the spring semester and onward.