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Rachel Berger


Graphic design is the language of culture. It is how, through texts and images, experiences and interactions, we tell all the stories that form human society. Graphic design is the evidence of expression. It gives form and meaning to messages. It is the membrane between the real and the ideal. 

I did not come to design by traditional means. My initial training was in American Studies, rather than a visual medium. I was an observer of cultural artifacts before I was a maker. I was convinced of the power and potential of design before I tried to leverage that power.

Once I became aware of graphic design, I began to see a world filled with its love notes: ads and signs and fortune cookies and obituaries and postcards and warning labels. I knew I wanted to be in that world, and every day since, I have been thrilled to be part of it. 

Today, graphic design is a big and expanding world: more complex and powerful and fabulously beautiful than ever before.

At CCA, we are deeply engaged with the world of graphic design, and we train designers to be deeply engaged with the world. Our faculty embodies the diversity of viewpoints, practices, and passions that defines contemporary design.

Our students are fearless makers and original thinkers, the vanguard of a new generation of designer.

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Sara Raffo

Assistant Chair

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