Illustration 1

The first in a series of Illustration courses, this section introduces the student to the world of illustration. The principles of composition, design and concept will be identified. Students will then learn to take these components and apply them to create finished, readable illustrations that are structurally and conceptually sound. Demonstrations will be set up in order to create with each student an experiential base in the use of watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink and other media. Open to all majors.

In Illustration 1 we introduce the world of illustration. We identify the principles of composition, design and concept. With these principles and the tools they suggest, we'll work to conveya story or describe a point of view. During the semester thestudent will learn to understand the discipline of Illustration: its definition, its career aspects, its history, and its potential for artistic expression. The student will develop theiruse of formal criteria such as line, shape, value, texture and color, and understand and apply these fundamental picture-making principles using basic painting techniques. A "readable" picture is our goal. And with these picture-making skills the artist will ultimately broaden and clarify her/his own personal language.