Illustration 2

This course is designed to build on the skills and abilities instigated in Illustration 1. Students will begin with a review and study of essential concepts of image making for Illustrations; the sketch process, working with references, researching the subject, value, and composition. Assignments are treated as real jobs and require the student to cover the entire process from thumbnail sketches to final illustration. Typical projects include: children's book spread, book illustration, editorial illustration and large theatre poster, among others. Daily critiques, involving the instructor (acting as the art director) and the class (acting as the audience) will focus on successful communication, creativity, interpretation of the project, craft and presentation skills. This constant exposure will allow the student to investigate and adapt to using visual images as a means for vocabulary and communication with a specific audience: the exciting challenge of an illustrator. Many mediums will be explored. The business of illustration will also be introduced.