Illus Tools C:Art Direct/Des

What is illustration? Much of the emphasis in other courses in illustration deal with what can termed ""editorial"" illustration. This class will examine all other illustration possibilities and will seek to expand the definition of illustration. Some of the areas to be examined are in animation, storyboarding, film credits, character development, graphic novels, tattooing, flora and fauna illustrations and medical and corporate illustration, children's books, info-graphics and symbols and posters. There will also be problems dealing with other artistic disciplines such as music and writing.Lastly, there will be a final project exploring illustration as journalism where the student will be asked to produce a book based on original reporting.Art Direction & Design for Illustrators To become a more unique practitioner in our current highly competitive market, it is a smart move to learn more tools of the trade - including those used by your future boss and co-workers. Learning the skills of an Art Director and Designer, in addition to studying how best to work with them, could be what sets you apart from the rest. This class will offer the Illustration student a behind-the-scenes view into the real life world of Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators. The class will begin with learning the basics of design through the use of grids, proportion, rhythms, symmetry and negative space. Art Direction will also be examined through form, content and context and typography. This exploration will be applied to both print and digital. Later in the class students will have the opportunity to work in teams, with different roles to carry out. An assortment of real-world problems will be assigned and the team will work together to produce final solutions and presentations. Several guest Art Directors and Designers will be invited to visit. The class will also take a field trip to a print shop.