Visiting Artists

Visiting artists to the Illustration Program engage our students and community with free, public lectures and artist talks that expose the full scope of diversity in the Illustration field.

National & International Artists

We host guests from across the nation and throughout the world. These artists represent and exhibit traditional forms of illustration such as editorial, publishing, animation, gaming, children’s book, fine art, design, comics, and film.

Additionally, they share projects that demonstrate how the definition and practice of Illustration is evolving.

These events provide a unique opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, and local friends to gather under one roof as they learn, socialize, and then carry the conversation into classrooms and studios.

Visit the Illustration Program playlist on the CCA channel on YouTube to watch select videos. (DVDs also can be checked out at the SF CCA library.)

Past Illustration Events

FALL 2012

Mark Matcho
Jessica Hische (cohosted with the Graphic Design Program)

FALL 2011 / SPRING 2012

Brian Stauffer
Calef Brown (cohosted with the Writing and Literature Program), YouTube
Edel Rodriguez, YouTube
Moby Francke, YouTube

FALL 2010 / SPRING 2011

Rick Meyerowitz
John Hersey, iTunesU
James Gurney, SF Library
Sam Weber / Jillian Tamaki, SF library
Guy Billout

FALL 2009 / SPRING 2010

Yuko Shimizu, iTunesU
Alex Gross, SF library
Chen Jiang Hong (cohosted with the SF French Consulate)
Kinuko Craft, SF library
Owen Smith, iTunesU
Joelle Jollivet (cohosted with the SF French Consulate)

FALL 2008 / SPRING 2009

Barron Storey
Chris & Soojin Buzzelli, iTunesU
David Polonsky (cohosted with the Animation Program and the SF Israel General Consulate)
Tim O’brien, YouTube, iTunesU

FALL 2007 / SPRING 2008

Rutu Modan (cohosted with the SF Israel General Consulate)
Christophe Merlin (cohosted with the SF French Consulate)
Steve Brodner
Sterling Hundley

FALL 2006 / SPRING 2007

Shawn Barber
Rebecca Dautremer (cohosted with the SF French Consulate)
Robert Hunt
Laura Smith & Michael Doret (cohosted with the Graphic Design Program)
Carter Goodrich, Peter deSeve

FALL 2005 / SPRING 2006

Daniel Adel
John Pugh
Nigel Holmes

FALL 2004 / SPRING 2005

Eric Drooker
Nancy Stahl
Gary Kelley
Michel Bohbot


Istvan Banyai


Marshall Arisman
Peter de Seve
CF Payne