The world needs you to tell its stories.


Illustrators Create the World They See

In our Illustration Program you’ll learn the language of visual storytelling to inspire you to respond creatively to the issues that matter most to you today. Our program challenges you to explore everything from deeply personal insights to larger social issues -- and to make sense of it all on paper, canvas, and the digital screen.

Find Your Creative Voice

Imagine learning drawing techniques from a cover illustrator for the New Yorker -- or honing your computer art skills with one of the founders of digital illustration. With guidance from industry mavericks like these, you’ll forge your own path as an illustrator. Also, our interdisciplinary curriculum, which allows you to blend Illustration courses such as printmaking and creative writing, provides you with a larger sense of your artistic potential.

Shape Your Career as an Entrepreneurial Artist

To succeed as an illustrator you need a creative voice and an entrepreneurial mind. That’s why our program includes a trip to New York to meet industry-leading art directors and illustrators. It’s the reason our Illustration faculty encourages you to take practical courses, too, like the fundamentals of freelancing. We help you seize the endless possibilities a career in illustration offers.