Meet the Chair

Meet Christina La Sala

My foundation lies in a love of craft, history, and investigation. I am interested in how things are made and the process of fabrication as experience and performance. My BFA is from the Tyler School of Art, where I studied Glass and Art History.

I became an art restorer and conservator to make my living while showing my work and designing sets and costumes for film, theater, and dance.

I received my MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, where I spent two years researching and writing my thesis on utopian visions of honeybee communities in the artwork and writings of 20th century artists and scientists.

My studio practice maintains a balance among research, process, and invention.


California College of the Arts was founded on the principles of innovation, experimentation, and inquiry. The Individualized Major is a part of that tradition through the practice of interdisciplinary study.

Our program is uniquely situated to promote innovative hybrid work through the rigorous practice of craft, invention, and scholarship.

Individualized Study

CCA is ideally suited to interdisciplinary study that allows Individualized Major students to create their own course of study by intertwining disciplines: fine arts, design, humanities and science.

The curriculum is supported through faculty mentorship, advising, internships, and the option to study abroad. In addition, students are required to take Individualized courses that support the community of the program.

The Individualized Major is an honors program and students are expected to maintain a B+ average as well as push themselves by competing for scholarships, curating exhibitions, seeking internships and mentors outside of CCA, and developing an in depth research presentation as a part of their senior thesis.

It is the students’ privilege and responsibility to create a curriculum that supports their unique vision and to identify and master the confluence of traditions that inform their work.


Curiosity and the exchange of ideas create the foundation of the Individualized community. The diversity of disciplines studied by Individualized students requires them to set aside strict interpretations of boundaries and concentrate on discovering a common language as a means of better understanding their own work and that of their peers.

In addition to our courses, the Individualized Major Program supports these ideals through departmental exhibitions, potlucks, and film nights. We also encourage strong relationships with the larger CCA community by inviting faculty from other programs to teach and lecture in our program.

We strive to maintain warm relations with all the CCA divisions and to encourage our students to contribute to and participate in all their courses and projects with passion and sincerity.

It is through interdisciplinary study that our students become serious craftspersons, careful researchers, and unique innovators.

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