DC3: Intro to 3D CAD

In Design Communication 3 students learn to digitally build and manipulate 3D form and output their efforts through renders, drawings or 3D objects. Design Communication 3 is typically taken the first year in the ID program (sophomore year). The class is divided between two different modeling programs - Rhino and Solidworks (parametric 3D modeling). Students will learn how to output their work from each software to Keyshot (3D rendering), 3D rapid prototypes, and 2D output (specification packages; color, material, and finish presentations). Instructors will give weekly demonstrations of the software techniques and capabilities. Feedback on each student's design process and abilities will be provided through individual desk crits with the instructor as well as group presentations and critiques. This class requires a large number of assignments due for each class period. Skills introduced: 3D CAD modeling, rendering and 3D print output. Skills reinforced: drafting, rendering, 2D digital fluency, visual stylization, and composition. Software: Solidworks, Rhino, Keyshot.