IS: Rational Fashion

Investigative Studios are required studios within the Industrial Design Program that are also open to students in other majors. Investigative studios are taken in any order. Content, structure, and focus of these studios varies from semester to semester. Students can sign up for the studios that best fit their schedules and interests.

This course provides the groundwork for the integration of fashion and function with a focus on creating human centric designs with both utility and style. Through projects leveraging the fundamental principles and tools of the fashion and industrial design practices, students investigate the potential of the hybrid space. A successful design must be equally USEFUL, USABLE and COMPELLING. In RATIONAL FASHION students learn to break down each of these attributes and apply them to their work. We will explore innovation by identifying real user needs and creating real solutions. We will also explore the elements that make something desirable - give it personality and meaning, the thing we call "style". In this class we strive to create designs that address both the physical and emotional.