Industrial Design 5

In Industrial Design 5 students engage in a rigorous start-to-finish design process moving beyond object-oriented design and into real-world problem solving. ID 5 is the fifth in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is taken the first semester of senior year. Students research and design the "experience" of a brand, product and interface for users, consumers and industry. Projects focus on identifying design opportunities, incorporating future technologies and creating meaningful brand and product experiences while explicitly addressing the physical, emotional and sensorial needs of their users. Students continue to expand and refine their analytical thinking, strategic design, presentation and story-telling abilities in 2D, 3D and 4D (time/motion) formats. ID 5 course work is often a sponsored project supported by external partner. Skills and knowledge introduced: human factors, interaction, point of view. Skills and knowledge reinforced: sketching, photography, 2D layout, information design, graphics, video/editing, business dynamics/value analysis, teamwork, leadership, industry awareness. Skills developed: modelmaking, prototyping, 3D form, 2D form, information design, storytelling, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, materials, manufacturing, sustainability, design research, observational research, product development, ideation, brainstorming, individual and group critique, design strategy, energetics/life of a product, meaning/semantics, design writing.