Senior Thesis Research

In Senior Project Research students explore a common theme for a large-scale project that serves as the capstone of their undergraduate experience. Senior Project Research is taken the first semester of senior year and acts as the research prelude to the final design studio ID 6. At this level, students are expected to integrate all aspects of their education to date in a comprehensive plan for investigation and development of their Senior Project. Instructors mandate a common theme for all research, concept, and design work that the students complete during this course all of which are then further developed in ID 6. The project concept, support research and ideation are submitted as both public presentation and written artifact (often a book of compiled efforts) at the end of the semester. Upon the successful completion of Senior Project Research students will receive approval to continue on to ID 6. Skills developed: prototyping, information design, sustainability, design research, observational research, teamwork, leadership, ideation, brainstorming, time management, meaning/semantics, design writing, ethics, point of view.