DC1: Design Drawing

In Design Communication 1 students will begin to understand and delineate 3-D forms in 2-D space. Design Communication 1 is typically taken the first year in the ID program (sophomore year, or earlier if a student has declared ID as their major). The course covers hand-drawing techniques in a variety of media using primitive geometric forms as their subject. It begins with the fundamentals of line weight, shading, lighting, composition and basic layout and continues with precision drawing, sketching, rendering and perspective. Instructors will give weekly demonstrations of materials, techniques and visualization followed by assignments designed to develop these skills. Feedback on each student's design process and abilities will be provided through individual desk crits with the instructor as well as group presentations and critiques. Skills introduced: precision drawing, sketching, perspective drawing, rendering, 2D form, visual fluency, media techniques, visual presentation, oral presentation, individual and group critique.