DC2: Advanced Design Drawing

In Design Communication 2 students continue to develop a 2D drawing foundation of 3D space both by hand and digitally. Design Communication 2 is typically taken the first year in the ID program (sophomore year). Students will draw from real source material as well as concept and imagination to quickly and effectively communicate their ideas. Students will learn orthographic hand drawing and rendering (precise annotation, translating physical assets and photographic references into graphic representations) with pencil, pen, and marker, as well as 2D digital drawing and rendering (Illustrator, Photoshop, basic technical package for manufacturing, storyboarding), and advanced digital sketching (tablet, Cintiq). Instructors give weekly demonstrations of materials, techniques and visualization followed by assignments designed to develop each student's individual skills. This class requires a large number of assignments due for each class period. Skills introduced: orthographic drawing, composition, digital drawing. Skills reinforced: hand and digital rendering, 2D form, visual fluency, visual stylization. Software and tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, tablet, Cintiq.