Industrial Design 1

In Industrial Design 1 students are introduced to the profession, standard practices, and the thinking that is involved in the industrial design process. ID 1 is the first in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is typically taken the first semester in the program (sophomore year). Through a series of individual and team-based investigations and projects, students begin their acculturation into the field of Industrial Design. They use the design process to develop their ideas and explore the relationship between form and function. They begin to understand user needs and expectations, manifesting their findings in 3-dimensionally realized products. Principles of aesthetics, sustainable design and practical manufacturing will be emphasized throughout the semester. Skills and knowledge introduced: prototyping, 3D form, sketching, storytelling, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, materials, manufacturing, design research, observational research, ideation, brainstorming, individual and group critique, meaning and semantics.