Industrial Design 2

In Industrial Design 2 students develop the skills introduced in ID 1 and deploy them in fully investigated and polished designs. Industrial Design 2 is the second in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is typically taken the second semester in the program (sophomore year). Students present, refine, and reflect on object types, design processes, form, function, meaning, and user needs through the design of a product (or series of products). They learn consistent and repeatable methodologies and practices that confirm their progress towards understanding the field of industrial design and their role within it. Skills and knowledge introduced: photography, information design. Skills and knowledge reinforced: modelmaking, prototyping, 3D form, sketching, storytelling, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, materials, manufacturing, design research, observational research, ideation, brainstorming, individual and group critique, meaning and semantics.