DC3: Digital Drafting+Render

In Design Communication 3 students continue to develop the computer skills necessary to illustrate and present design concepts. Design Communication 3 is typically taken the first year in the ID program (sophomore year). Students learn to create 2D design documentation, full orthographic drawings, and precise annotation, translating physical assets and photographic references into graphic representations. Using graphics software, they learn to render objects convincingly with particular attention to the way light and reflection function in design drawings. Instructors will give weekly demonstrations of visualization techniques and photo studio demonstrations. Feedback on each student's design process and abilities will be provided through individual desk crits with the instructor as well as group presentations and critiques. This class requires a large number of assignments due for each class period. Skills reinforced: drafting, rendering, 2D form, visual fluency, visual stylization, media techniques (Illustrator and Photoshop), composition, 2D layout.