IS: Kid's Play

Investigative Studios are required studios within the Industrial Design Program that are also open to students in other majors. Investigative studios are taken in any order. Content, structure, and focus of these studios varies from semester to semester. Students can sign up for the studios that best fit their schedules and interests. Investigative Studios fulfill an Industrial Design Investigative Studio requirement or a Studio Elective requirement.Some of the most innovative and exiting ideas for products are made for children. In this class, you will explore the world of design for kids-one of the few growth industries in the world today. Some of the areas we will look at are toys, games, puzzles, furniture, interactive media and licensing. Kid's Play is not just about making whimsical, colorful toys for children, it's about inventing and designing products for future generations; it is serious fun. Faculty member Brian Gulassa has been working in the toy industry for the past 25 years and has developed hundreds of toys for over 50 different toy companies.