IS: Eco: Energetics & Ecology

Investigative Studios are required studios within the Industrial Design Program that are also open to students in other majors. Investigative studios are taken in any order. Content, structure, and focus of these studios varies from semester to semester. Students can sign up for the studios that best fit their schedules and interests. Investigative Studios fulfill an Industrial Design Investigative Studio requirement or a Studio Elective requirement.This course introduces students to the underlying principles of efficient and ecologically benign use of energy and resources, allowing students to begin developing the comprehensive, anticipatory whole systems thinking that together form the foundation for a sustainable and professional design practice. This is a seminar course that will include lectures, video, field trips, reading and discussion. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE INTRODUCED: Sustainability, ecology, scientific method, community awareness, design strategy, abstract and critical thinking, manufacturing, life of a product, ethics, materials, industry awareness.