IS:Data X: New Interactve Exp

Investigative Studios are required studios within the Industrial Design Program that are also open to students in other majors. Investigative studios are taken in any order. Content, structure, and focus of these studios varies from semester to semester. Students can sign up for the studios that best fit their schedules and interests. Investigative Studios fulfill an Industrial Design Investigative Studio requirement or a Studio Elective requirement.

Data is increasing everyday at staggering rates due to our interconnected and technology mediated lives. It has become a new material. Designers play an important role as interpreters, uncovering patterns and systems to create meaning. This course explores the fundamentals of data visualization as a method for decoding complex data and using it to drive new experiences in mission critical contexts. Students will be introduced to interactive visualization techniques and frameworks as well as software tools (e.g., Excel, Processing, D3.js). These tools will facilitate the creation of new visual, form based and spatial interfaces focused on storytelling, goal tracking and decision making.