IS: Glass Product Design

Investigative Studios are required studios within the Industrial Design Program that are also open to students in other majors. Investigative studios are taken in any order. Content, structure, and focus of these studios varies from semester to semester. Students can sign up for the studios that best fit their schedules and interests. Investigative Studios fulfill an Industrial Design Investigative Studio requirement or a Studio Elective requirement.

Glass is a dynamic and challenging media to work in, with properties that are unlike any other material. It is embraced for its function and beauty, but has something of a split personality. As a material, it is both regarded as precious, or relegated to the recycle bin depending on its application. Throughout the semester students will explore the media of glass and its unique material characteristics. We will be exposed to the many challenges of creating objects in glass and finding waysto design to its strengths and exploit its inherent beauty and optic properties. We will simultaneously evolve our skills in form development through sketches, models and CAD, while we are learning fundamental skills needed to create objects in glass. With forms developed, and new skills in hand we will focus on creating our objects in glass with an attention to generating multiples and short run production with the use of molds, repeatable processes and established manufacturing practices. Wewill take designs from initial inspiration all the way through the production process, creating a short edition run of objects.