Industrial Design 4

In Industrial Design 4 students advance their own concept-driven projects towards tangible design solutions. ID 4 is the fourth in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is taken the second semester of junior year. Students continue to build their skills in the areas of design research, form development, product and brand identity, and presentation. They learn to identify design opportunities across a variety of industries and environments and investigate new theories of form and interface as they begin in-depth research and strategic planning around a specific subject or market. Students are encouraged to develop their own concepts in order to express their personal point of view about design, while creating portfolio-ready work that will prepare them to interview for Internships the following summer. ID 4 course work is often a sponsored project supported by external partner. Each student enrolled in ID 4 must pass Junior Review the first weeks of Spring Semester in order to be able to continue in the class. Skills and knowledge introduced: leadership, teamwork. Skills and knowledge reinforced: sketching, photography, 2D layout, information design, graphics, video/editing, business dynamics/value analysis, product development. Skills developed: modelmaking, prototyping, 3D form, storytelling, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, materials, manufacturing, sustainability, design research, observational research, brainstorming, individual and group critique, design strategy, energetics/life of a product, meaning/semantics, design writing.