ID4:Sustainblty&Social Impact

In Industrial Design 4 students work towards tangible design solutions while focusing on effecting social change and building an environmentally sustainable design practice. ID4 is the fourth in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is taken the second semester of junior year. At this level students will be encouraged to develop their own concepts with a heightened awareness of the broader social impacts of their work. In addition they will be introduced to the tools, materials, methods and concepts that will help them build a sustainable design practice including life cycle analysis, "green" materials and technologies and recycling and upcycling processes. ID4 projects often become the key components in their portfolio as they prepare for their internships the following summer.

Sustainable Apparel and Soft Goods: Design for Change. "Every era has its own ethics and aesthetics. Aesthetics represent the way in which an historical period and the values it creates takes form. The perspective of a sustainable society has not yet 'taken form' and the aesthetics of sustainability has yet to be born." -Enzio Manzini. What are the social and environmental ramifications of our design decisions, and how can we mitigate them through our ideas? What new roles for design emerge in the context of sustainability, and how can we give visual form to new ways of thinking about, living with and engaging in fashion and product design? This class is structured around a series of projects, which allow time for the students to conduct their own primary and secondary research, to develop diagnoses and apply theory and research to practice with supervised lab instruction.