MH: History of Design

In History of Design students survey the major events, objects, themes and controversies that are the foundation for contemporary practice in Industrial Design. Beginning with the late 19th century English Arts and Crafts movement students study the ideas, individuals and institutions behind the leading movements in modern design. Topics include Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art and Engineering, the Bauhaus, the emergence of American Industrial Design as a profession, design in post-war Italy, Germany, Japan and the United States, late 20th century Postmodernism, and will conclude with a survey of the state of the profession today. Examples are drawn from industrial products, architectural spaces, graphic images and information systems with a strong emphasis on the cultural context, philosophy, psychology, politics and the arts. Ultimately students will find that the history of design is not only about objects, but more importantly about ideas. Course material includes lectures, class discussion, and writing assignments. Skills reinforced: materials, manufacturing, design research, history of ID, meaning/semantics, design writing.