Industrial Design 6

In Industrial Design 6 students continue to refine their Senior Project Research subject begun the prior semester in Senior Project Research. ID 6 is the sixth and final in a series of six required design studios for ID majors and is taken the final semester of senior year. At this level, students are expected to exhibit a high-degree of personal agency and thorough implementation as they continue to refine their Senior Project Research subject by developing novel design concepts through a series of experimental exercises, documentation, iterations, modeling and prototyping. Instructors in this course provide the conceptual framework and structure but behave primarily as advisors - providing practical know-how, facilitating connections and positioning the student and the project for public exposure. ID 6 serves as a bridge between the student and the professional world, culminating in the Senior Show, an event that introduces graduating seniors to the professional design community. Skills and knowledge reinforced: digital modeling, sketching, photography, 2D layout, information design, video/editing, graphics. Skills developed: modelmaking, prototyping, 3D form, 2D form, information design, storytelling, graphics, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, human factors, interaction, materials, manufacturing, sustainability, design research, observational research, business dynamics/value analysis, product development, teamwork, leadership, industry awareness, ideation, brainstorming, individual and group critique, design strategy, energetics/life of a product, meaning/semantics, design writing, point of view.