Senior Thesis Project

In Senior Thesis students continue to refine their Senior Thesis Research subjects begun the prior semester into fully researched, prototyped and tested design solutions. Senior Thesis is the final in a series of required design studios for ID majors and is taken the final semester of senior year. At this level, students are expected to exhibit a high-degree of personal agency and thorough implementation as they continue to develop their Thesis projects through a series of experimental exercises, documentation, iterations, modeling and prototyping. Instructors in this course provide the conceptual framework and structure but act primarily as advisors - providing practical know-how, facilitating connections and positioning the student and the project for public exposure in the Senior Show, an event that introduces graduating seniors to the professional design community. studio critics and lecturers, framing the ways in which form, structure and surface are related to spatial and perceptual experience, and the scale and movements of the body. Form + Space studio examines strategies of making, and the different ways in which we perceive and understand three-dimensional space and the built forms that define it, combining design problems with direct research that uses the city of San Francisco as a laboratory. The course also explores the effect of culture and program on various spatial practices and encourages students? engagement with their own bodies as spatial, experiential and cultural referents. Highly recommended for all Architecture and Interior Design students.