Studio Practice 2

The common thread that weaves through the interior design education at CCA is an emphasis on a human centered approach to design, steering students away from style and trend towards the thoughtful making of places and objects that derive from purpose and meaning. Studio 2 builds upon the foundation started in Studio 1 by continuing to explore aspects of the human body in space through a series of exercises using a common set of process tools to develop unique design responses. The assignments focus on shifting scale and perception of space, and start from a more personal perception, moving towards designing with an understanding that others may perceive space differently based on physical, cultural, and emotional differences. The basic elements of sustainable design - natural light, orientation, thermal properties and human well being are emphasized, to set a solid foundation of a responsible design approach. In Studio 2, process is as important as final product, thus students will be encouraged to use and develop several design tools such as research, ovservation, working in plan, section, perspective, and 3D models, as well as visual and verbal presentation skills.