Studio Practice 4

This junior-level studio requires students to take anylytical and critical stances before making formal design moves. A series of graphic and diagrammatic exercises precede a larger project that challenges the students' sense of scale and complexity while maintaining principals of design for the human body as learned in earlier studios. Students at this level will be asked to envelope interpersonal activities and exchange in more civic settings than in previous studios. Studio Practice 4 will focus on the verbs comprising these transactions rather than nouns and traditional labels. Traditional typologies will be in question. Scale and complexity will be approached via studies in simple enlargement vs. accumulation and composition of repetitive elements. Cultural context will temper these abstract maneuvers in order to maintain a relevance to contemporary thought. By the end of Studio Practice 4, each student will be an agent of modern culture with a design skillset that will allow them to make innovative and culturally vital, yet logical space.