Senior Studio Practice 5

This senior level studio class addresses issues raised by the confluence of several different disciplines including: design, architecture, graphic and visual arts, media, technology, intellectual and scientific theory, and attempts to locate them in the contemporary cultural climate. The selection of topics is intended to energize conceptual ideation and theoretical consideration. Students are encouraged to push the conventional boundaries for each discipline to more fully consider alternative approaches to a creative project and/or engage collaboratively in approaching a design problem and produce an innovative visualization. This studio is intended to be the most advanced studio of the program and the most demanding for the students. Students will continue to focus on the technical realities of the practice, demonstrating an understanding of the relationship of materials, systems, assemblies, structural theory, etc. In general, all the design skills learned in prior studios will be involved in the generation of a design for a complex studio problem that engages a current cultural/theoretical issue. Advanced complexity also means unusual and exciting uses of visual communication, models, and materials.