The purpose of the Interior Design internship program is to provide junior and senior students with a grounded, real-world experience in a professional design environment.

Each student is exposed to the daily processes involved in running a design firm:

  • project management
  • client relations
  • research
  • collaboration with architects, designers, and others
  • design presentations
  • construction drawings
  • product selection, specification, and coordination

How will an internship benefit me?
An internship expands your educational experience into the professional world of design, increases your chances of securing a professional position in your chosen field, and contributes to a broad understanding of the values, skills, and commitment that CCA students bring to the discipline of design.

When should I do an internship?
It is recommended that students try to gain professional work experience early and often, beyond the requirement. The more students understand the role of the designer in the work environment, the more they can leverage their learning at CCA. This may mean doing internships beyond the one required for graduation.

The internship is 0 credits and is generally completed during the summer semester between Studio Practice 3 and 4, or during Linkage Studio or Studio 5 (this is a heavy academic load).

What are the requirements?
After securing an intern position at an approved internship site, students must log a minimum of 225 hours at the site. While compensation is up to the employer, we suggest that students be paid a minimum of $10 per hour.

Accepting a position with a firm that is either unwilling or unable to provide monetary compensation is left to the discretion of the student.

At the completion of the internship, the employer reviews the intern's performance by completing an evaluation form. That form, along with the student's evaluation of the internship site and a signed copy of the time log, must be submitted to the Design program manager in the Academic Services office on the San Francisco campus.

The internship coordinator is also available for in-person consultation on campus once a week. Check for office hours with the Design program manager or schedule an individual appointment with the coordinator.

How do I register?
To register for a CCA internship, you must complete the Internship Registration Form. This form requires the signatures of both your internship site supervisor and the Interior Design internship coordinator, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to secure those signatures prior to the registration deadline.

You may register for an internship through the last day of the add/drop period each semester. A $200 late fee is charged for adding an internship after that date.

If you have not completed your internship by the end of the semester in which you are registered, you will be given an incomplete, an E.

If you have not filed the necessary paperwork for the internship by the end of the following semester and have not been granted an extension, your grade will be recorded as an F.

Required Internship Documentation

Forms (PDF)

Internship registration form (include all signatures)
Intern hours log (must be signed)
Employer evaluation (of intern)
Student evaluation (of employer/internship)