Studio Culture Policy

The studio at CCA is an energetic and productive environment wherein student work is nurtured with both respect and critical attention.

Students are treated as collaborators in their learning process and are encouraged to develop the life-long behaviors of curiosity, rigorous thinking and making, measured self-discipline, and engaged intellect.

These values are what characterize the CCA studio environment.

Public Reviews

The public presentation/discussion format of the review is an essential part of the educational process. These conversations become animated debates about work and ideas where the student is both the catalyst and participant.

CCA encourages a review environment that is lively and engaged while simultaneously critical and respectful.

Studio Etiquette

Students are expected to work in their studio, which will immeasurably enrich their learning potential. However, in a shared studio environment, etiquette is necessary to ensure a civil and productive atmosphere.

This includes keeping personal workspaces in reasonable order and being considerate of classmates and others in the college.

Time Management

It is essential for students to develop time-management skills to make the best and most efficient use of their time in the studio. Staying healthy and productive requires balancing work with other priorities such as getting adequate sleep, exercise, and eating well.

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