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In Time Studio 2, we use the basis in narrative from TS1 and bring in time-shifting, place-shifting, memory, programing and other technological affordances to create micro and macro narratives that become the basis for a dialogue between player and player, and player and system. We will explore and develop a deep understanding of how interactive systems can uniquely learn, evolve and transform as a designed experience, to, for instance, increase their value over time. We will focus our study and prototyping on important elements of building narrative into interface to create a dialogue between player and system which includes constructing character, plot, conditional flow, filtering, play, linear and non-linear, error & recovery, animation, expectation setting and delivery. This will be a technical course using time-based tools such as Motion, Flash after-effects and other time-based tools. The sequence of individual and group projects in this course will enable students to tailor their experience of this course in ways that match their goals - from applying narrative to designing rich interface elements, new tools, systems, spaces, social networks, service experiences, and beyond.