IxD InterStudio: Smart Spaces

In these cross-disciplinary studios we explore the different materials, advanced topics, and domains that Interaction Design might involve. To the different disciplines we bring a method of application and the material of time design and the memory and interactivity of technology. Courses in this studio can be fulfilled by a variety of options including cross-listed courses with other departments, Engage studios, or an emerging topic defined by a faculty member, sponsored studio or other elective submitted by the student and approved by the program chair.

Creating learning environments. Every day technology is becoming more powerful and pervasive and with this power comes opportunities to shape this technology that are more important and impactful. Its proliferation demands the development of new approaches to conceptualizing, shaping and materializing the physical space in which humans engage with this technology. As we design spaces that are inhabited by both technology and people, how we can design them to work together in order to increase our reach, augment our sharing, enhance our creativity, learn and/or simply enable us to live better lives? In this course we will join designers that see space as a material with the designers that see technology as a material in order to create examples of smart spaces that exhibit the best qualities of the merger of these two disciplines. The course is centered around the theme of learning environments that promote creativity and foster new forms of spatial, material, virtual and human-computer interaction and re-define the classroom. This is a collaborative studio course between Interaction Design and Interior Design, where students will form multidisciplinary teams to research, conceive, and prototype spaces that are technologically enabled, and enhance human creativity and interaction.