IxD 5: Topics Studio

In Sponsored Design Studio, students investigate a project domain, examine particular users, and focus their interventions on a topic fielded by an external entity (company, consultancy, or organization). The specificity provided by this real-world constellation of project elements will be selected and honed to ground the students? efforts without overly constraining their work. The studio will be a perfect opportunity for students to apply and develop their Interaction Design skills to develop an understanding of users? circumstances and needs, analyzing a social/business configuration, identifying opportunities for various sorts of interventions, wireframing narratives of how the world could be, prototyping systems and artifacts, evaluating designs, and iterating their way to better and better designs. The sponsor will participate in the studio, providing information about the particulars of their business, access to stakeholders, and resources for interventions. A series of intermediate milestones and design exercises will provide process guidance and help ensure results that will be significant contributions to the sponsor's project. Studios vary from term to term, but past examples include major automakers, telecommunication companies, and computer equipment firms.