Time Studio 1: Story

In Time Studio 1, students will become versed in narrative and how its fundamental role in temporal design and communication. We explore two key areas: narrative and communication and how they are inter-linked. Narrative topics include the basic story elements of plot, genre, character, props, environment, conflict, resolution. This studio will explore storytelling and sense making, through visual and narrative presentation and communication, improv and performance, storyboarding and personas. Through this studio we will be building a conceptual and communicative foundation in time design. We explore the traditions of crafted story experiences, such as novels, cinema, comics, TV shows, and plays, while bringing these principles into the new forms of interactivity, such as web, hypertext, tangibility, interactive film and video games. We will look at authorship seeking to explore the juxtaposition of storyteller and player and participation: while mass media narrative is highly crafted, fixed sequences of events, interactions afford new types of structure that enables the player to do what they want, when they want, reflecting the tendencies of human systems. In addition to storytelling skills, we will also focus on the drawing hand-skills involved in storyboarding and wireframing. Students will have the opportunity to create their own communication pieces, interactive prototypes with the goal of designing communications and systems that push toward collaborative and participatory story experiences.