Time Studio 1: Story

In Time Studio 1, students will become well-versed in narrative and its fundamental role in temporal design and communication. This studio will explore storytelling and sense making, through visual and narrative presentation and communication, improv and performance, storyboarding and personas. Close examinations of traditional crafted story experiences, such as novels, cinema, comics, TV shows, and plays will form the foundation for investigations into the new forms of interactivity, such as web, hypertext, tangibility, interactive film and video games. In addition to storytelling skills, the course is also designed to cultivate the drawing skills required for storyboarding and wireframing. Students will have the opportunity to create their own communication pieces and interactive prototypes with the goal of designing communications and systems that move toward the development of collaborative and participatory story experiences. This course is taught concurrently with Design Research which is also a co-requisite.