IXDSN Design 4: Experience

In the User Experience and Service design studio, students will use their knowledge from the preceding studios to bring a learned understanding into a broader context that is beyond any single interface to explore how multiple touch-points can integrate into a user experience. Increasingly in the world, many such touchpoints combine to form a service, web screens, kiosk screens, retail, customer service, etc. The design of how all these work together with a specific brand or other goal to reinforce a particular multi-dimensional and sensorial user experience is the heart of the class. Students will also learn to analyze from a user's viewpoint the various different stages of a service journey and portray them in a process map illustrating the different visual, haptic, aural and other touchpoints. User Experience naturally leads into the emerging field of Service design which looks at a service broadly as an experience composed of many parts that need to work synergistically. Students will identify key points of contact between users and service enablers, and to suggest how they should be designed. Students in this course will identify needs and from those needs, design a holistic experience that can solve a problem or satisfy a need. Course projects will run in a team environment and will such projects will represent and demonstrate how these experiences can work through a prototyping, employing the skills from previous studios.